Snook Trip

Our 6 hour Snook trip is aimed at the anglers that want to specifically target Snook. Whether its your first time in Southwest Florida and have a bucket list to check off or you are aiming for a trophy Snook during Snook Season, this is the trip for you.


We often times target Snook on our backwater trips but we may only try for them in one fishing hole, then move on to trout etc. If you are more interested in an all around fishing experience and do not want to specifically target Snook we recommend you check out our Backwater Fishing trip. 


Our Snook trip does not deviate from targeting these stunning fish. We only bring Snook bait and get these girls fired up!

We recommend 4 or less anglers for the best experience on this trip. We meticulously work these sometimes small fishing holes which is difficult to do with large groups. 

*Cold weather tends to shut Snook down. if its winter time and our water temperature is in the 60's please give us a call and ask if this trip if possible. If not, we will steer you in the right direction and let you know what's biting.*

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