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Common Questions

What should we bring?

We provide all your licensing, bait, tackle, and bottled waters on the boat***. For our Shelling/Combo Tours, you are welcome to bring your shell bags, extra change of clothes, fresh towels, packed lunch/snacks, your favorite drinks (we request that they are not glass bottles if possible), and any other fun necessities you may need. If you have any questions, please call us to ask.

During our colder weather patterns and you have a morning departure with us, we suggest bringing a windbreaker. It is usually much colder out on the water than it is on the mainland. 

*** For all our equipment we provide on the boat, we go by a "you break/lose it, you pay for it" policy. This means any equipment that is mishandled and damaged/lost during a trip will be charged on your final balance. Keep in mind, all our rigs are high in quality. They are made to withstand wear and tear with proper handling and usage. Please be respectful of our equipment and boat. 

Is there a cooler on the boat? Can we bring our own?

We provide you with a cooler which is stocked with plenty of water for the day. There is also plenty of room for your own and beverages (BYOB)! We request no glass cups be brought onto the boat in case the glass breaks. This is for your safety!


Our guests are welcome to bring their own cooler with snacks and favorite beverages, especially on our longer trips. 

We have a second cooler that doubles as a dry hold for your personal belongings (phones, cameras, extra clothes, backpacks, etc). This can be utilized for additional refreshment storage if need be. 


One of the most common questions we get at the end of a trip is "What is a normal tip for a charter captain?" We recommend comparing the tip to a restaurant visit since we are in the service industry. A standard tip for charter captains is recommended at 15%-20%

Do we need a fishing license?

We carry a commercial charter captain license and have all of your licensing covered. There is no need to purchase any fishing license prior to your trip. In addition to the fishing licenses, we hold commercial special use permits for local wildlife refuges which allow us to enter and fish in some of the more secluded and protected areas of the bay. 

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