Shelling, Fishing & Lunch Trips

We understand that everyone has different interests, so our combo trips are designed to be completely customizable to our clients needs. 


Whether your family is more into fishing, shelling, swimming, or a little of all 3, we will work with you to make the first part of our combo trips the way you like it. 


Southwest Florida is home to some of the best shelling beaches in the country. Every year we have guests come to us from all over the world for the opportunity to find some incredible shells on our barrier islands. Sanibel Island is a particular favorite for its unique East-West orientation. 


Over crowded and over picked public beaches of Sanibel and Captiva are one of the problems guests run into when shelling on their own. The locals are notorious for picking the beaches dry in the early morning hours post storms and rough weather.

We welcome you to step away from the crowded public beaches and come experience a shelling excursion on one of the private islands only accessible by boat.


Both North Captiva and Cayo Costa offer us a private venue with superior water clarity, abundance of shells, and restaurant options for those looking for a tropical dining experience.  

While we wouldn't mind making the occasional exception at the clients request. Due to commute time our Shelling trips are a minimum of 6 hours in length. These trips and can be combined with a number of activities such as fishing and/or lunch at a local restaurant. (lunch price not included)

We are lucky to have a host of restaurants a stones throw away from a number of our fishing and shelling locations. Here are just a few of our personal recommendations to help you plan an excursion with us. 

Mainstay and Barnacles Bar (North Captiva)

Formerly known as Branacles, Mainstay has a very tropical atmosphere, great food, and the best ice cream in town. It is only accessible by boat or airplane and with its new owners came a fresh Liquor license which makes this location a great place to have a cocktail after a fun day on the water. 


Cabbage Key (Cayo Costa)

One of the top tourist destinations via water this area has to offer. This spot has a nice nature trail, gopher turtles which you can feed with your leftover lettuce from lunch, a water tower you can climb, and a very friendly atmosphere. There is a fully stocked bar so if you are interested in a few cocktails this location has it covered.

Tarpon Lodge (Pineland Marina)

A popular wedding destination, this location is host to some great food options and is a great spot for the guests interested in a little higher end service then you may expect at an island getaway. They have a fully stocked bar and a cabbage creeper (local drink) to die for! 

Please let us know in advance if you are planning on doing a lunch combination trip. We like to call our destinations to let them know we are coming.


*Some locations may not be open at all times. 

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